Waste management, especially against the background of the enormous development of various industries, the rapid development of the energy and transport sectors, requires quick and promising solutions from enterprises.

Now, under the condition of rising competition in the market of waste disposal, the most promising investments are in professional equipment as well as in advanced technologies for waste processing.

IGMT Industry GmbH guarantees the possibility of obtaining competent advice on your queries, offers an extensive range of services and all necessary equipment for the recycling of any kinds of waste products.

Waste treatment equipment differs according to its purpose.

Special attention of our company is caused by the industrial wastes in the chemical industry.

Production waste is one of the main problems for any chemical industry enterprise. In order to avoid trouble in the form of leakage of substances, fires and other problems, it is much more efficient and safer to use the services of recycling by a professional company. We will help you in organizing the export of chemicals in any kind of special transport, ensuring complete safety during loading and transportation, taking into account all the nuances of the negative impact of such substances on the environment.

In addition, we provide all the necessary services for disposal:

  • medical waste
  • metal sludge
  • oil sludge
  • liquid waste
  • soil
  • construction waste
  • industry waste
  • automobile waste
  • mineral waste
  • and so on

If you have a request for directions not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Using of European equipment with high productivity and functionality, as well as the experience of leading countries in the field of waste management, will allow you significantly minimize the costs of disposal and make your business more profitable and efficient!