Professional project management in the field of petrochemical industry and strict compliance with international industry standards ensures timely delivery of high quality at all stages of project development.

IGMT Industry GmbH cooperates with well-known engineering companies and suppliers of technological equipment, providing individual support to its customers and using the most modern processes and components.

We offer various categories of equipment, which greatly simplifies the extraction of crude oil and makes it more efficient and qualitative:

  • Equipment for oil production. This includes all the technical tools necessary for the full maintenance of the well: tubing strings, packers, filters, cutoffs, pumping installations and other aggregates.
  • Equipment for oil refining: AT, VT and AVT installations.
  • Oil transportation equipment: containers, tanks, pipelines, cryogenic gasifiers.
  • Equipment for oil storage: metal, concrete, earthly, half buried and buried tanks.
  • Equipment for petrochemistry: generators, turbo-expanders, thermal power plants on fuel cells, cogenerators, devices for capturing light fractions of volatile hydrocarbons, special tanks and other high-quality mechanisms and installations, as well as special equipment for drilling.

Solving the tasks of different levels, reliable production, safe and appropriate equipment requirements are the main competence of our company.