The development of agriculture makes it necessary to apply new requirements to the equipment of the enterprise.

The IGMT Industry GmbH develops projects and provides integrated equipment in the crop and animal husbandry sectors.

The main direction of an animal husbandry production is intensification, which is achieved by fully automating labor-intensive processes, application of new technologies in production and reconstruction of existing and construction of new premises. We assist in acquiring and developing the necessary equipment: feed bins, heating pad, specialized devices slaughtering, ventilation systems, products for artificial insemination.

Along with an animal husbandry, the company continues to invest in the crop segment. In order to make it more efficient, we offer modern equipment imported tractors and combines, bunkers reloaders, tractors and special equipment, as well as assist in the construction of new grain drying complexes. Our company cooperates with large enterprises for the production of various agricultural equipment for soil treatment, planting crops, harvesting, manufacturing and installing greenhouse systems.

To obtain high-quality crops and reduce the cost of seeds, fertilizer and labor resources, you must use additional agricultural equipment. To achieve this results we cooperate directly with the manufacturers, with many years of experience in the production and sale of equipment. Moreover, we strive to provide comprehensive supplies and the necessary range of services for the installation and maintenance of process equipment, observing all the requirements and safety rules and offer you quality products at affordable prices.