This is the motto of IGMT Industry GmbH.

Our team of different specialists such as architects and engineers develop interdisciplinary solutions for complex engineering projects in close cooperation with the customer. Rich experience in working on projects with high level of complexity, modern technological base and professionalism of our team allows us successfully implement serious sectoral objectives. We work in a variety of industries from the initial idea to the production stage. One of the core competence of IGMT Industry GmbH is the development, planning and implementation of turnkey projects. We coordinate all the processes from beginning to the end.

The main industries of the company are:

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Recycling
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mining industry
  • Agricultural industry

Our multilingual team works with clients in various industries all over the world annually increasing the level of completed projects and offering customers new technical solutions. Professionalism, the use of the latest information technologies, creative and intellectual potential brought the company to a stable stage that corresponds to international quality standards.
IGMT Industry Company GmbH constantly develops new processes to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and compliance with the principle of sustainable development for production customers. In the development of individual projects, we use the latest innovations and cooperate with leading companies in the production of various equipment and facilities in order to deliver the products and services to our customers in different price categories.
Constant striving to improve the methods of organizing, planning, coordinating and controlling human and material resources, the team of professionals are the basis for the success of our business, ensuring successful solution of engineering technical and managerial tasks of any level of complexity.